Accelerate Mentoring

Accelerate! Mentoring Program

Thank you for your interest in the TRUST and the Accelerate! Mentoring Program. Accelerate! is an annual program.

We have had siginificant positive results from mentors and mentees who have participated in this program over the last two years. We are thrilled with the value you are experiencing! Based on your feedback, we are shifting the program start date later into the year.

Stay tuned to your email inbox, the TRUST LinkedIn group and this website to discover how to participate in the upcoming program.

Accelerate! Mentoring Program Kickoff Event


  • Accelerate development of mid-level health care women leaders
  • Share health care leadership wisdom using personal and career experience within an trusting, semi-structured 1:1 relationship
  • Create a reciprocal mentoring relationship with mutual learning and benefits
  • Create a cycle of pulling others up and turning around and doing the same for other women (expectation within 5 years)
  • Strengthen the value of TRUST to its members

Benefits to MENTEES

  • Provides individual access to senior women health care leaders
  • Opportunity to expand your experiences, contributions, advance your career and pass it forward when ready
  • Access to community building with your peers — have a sounding board — that will help you gauge situations and cultivate your path forward
  • Opportunity to learn from experiences, both mistakes and successes, by debriefing, reflecting, and deepening understanding of these experiences, both with mentor and peer mentees
  • Build your network and gain access to a broader community of health care leaders

Benefits to MENTORS

  • Opportunity to leverage their wisdom and experiences so that another may benefit
  • Enhanced relationships and new insights
  • Opportunity to give back to women leaders in health care — leave a legacy
  • Develop skills as a teacher, manager, strategist or consultant
  • Learn from the mentee’s experience, which in turn, will strengthen mentor’s leadership

Development Through Conversation and Action

  • Recommended monthly one hour meetings arranged by the mentor/mentee partnerships during the program period
  • Mentoring conversations conclude in action steps aligned with development goals and journaling to maximize learning and growth
  • Several Peer Mentee Roundtables throughout the year for community building

Accelerate! Mentoring Program Schedule

January 26: Accelerate! Mentoring Program Kick-off Meeting
February 15: Peer Mentee Roundtable #1
May 31: Peer Mentee Roundtable #2
November 8: Peer Mentee Roundtable #3
November 29: Accelerate! Mentoring Program Close and Celebration

Mentors and Mentees

In addition, we would like to provide two additional community-building opportunities:

  • 2017 social gathering
  • 2016 and 2017 Accelerate! cohorts combined power networking gathering

These will be coordinated and scheduled by volunteers, before or after another TRUST event.

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